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Volume III, Issue 18

Volume III, Issue 18 is now released!

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Volume 3, Issue 18 features articles written by Dorothy Royal, Kim McGahey, Carol Ann Ross, and candidates: Joshua Patti, Heather Allen, Marc Caldwell, Nicholas Tripp, Ken Bradshaw, Chelsea Kurtz, Teresa Batts, Alicia Hawley, Donald Helms, Joann McDermon, Phil Misciagno, Aaron Ritter, Pamala Hall, Fred Fontana, Connie Pletl, and Rena Bragg, in regards to upcoming local events, local history, fashion tips, and other interesting facts about our area!



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Topsail Gun Gal: Lock Your Vehicles

Candidates Questionnaire

Holly Ridge

Joshua Patti (Council)

Ken Bradshaw (Council)

Phil Misciagno (Council)

Aaron Ritter (Council)

Chelsea Kurtz (Council)

Rena Bragg (Council)

Pam Hall (Council)

Surf City

Alicia Hawley (Council)

Heather Allen (Council)

North Topsail Beach

Connie Pletl (Council)

Fred Fontana (Council)

Community Updates


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