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Candidate Questionnaire: Nicholas Tripp For Holly Ridge Council

1. What are your greatest strengths and skill set that will make you a good elected official?

I am passionate about our community and driven to help make it better for current and future families.

2. Is there a particular issue that motivated you to run for office?

I believe That Holly Ridge has grown very rapidly over the last few years, and that as a town we need to build our infrastructure to match the growth.

3. Do you currently or have you ever held an elected office before, and if so, what office?

I have never held a political office but have been elected and served my neighborhood community as HOA president for two years.

4. As an elected official you will have to make decisions regarding zoning. What, if any, is your experience with zoning and how will it benefit the voters if you are elected?

I currently serve the Town of Holly Ridge as a member of the Planning Board for the past 2 years.

5. Traffic is a major issue, especially during the tourist season. One concern is the lack of sidewalks and dedicated bike paths. Do you agree this is a concern and if so, what would you like to see changed or added regarding sidewalks and bike paths?

As a member of the Planning Board, I have taken the firm stance that new communities and new buildings need sidewalks. Green areas would be a great asset and draw for the Town of Holly Ridge.

6. Our area is unique in the fact that we are comprised of several small towns and two counties. Do you feel it is important to work alongside the neighboring towns/counties and are there any specific issues you want addressed or feel needs more work?

I believe that more work is needed. Although we have a good relationship with Surfy City, I think we need to strive to be more self-sufficient and other communities within Onslow.

7. Hurricanes are a way of life in coastal areas. 1) Do you feel your town is properly prepared to handle a major storm? 2) What improvements, if any, would you like to see take place, regarding communication, shelters, or staff?

Holly Ridge needs to invest in Emergency Services. The town should research an Emergency Services Director. This would help with ensuring safety for the community.

8. If elected and a proposal was created regarding term limits, would you support it?

I am a firm believer in term limits. The ability to have new perspectives and views is paramount for the growth of a town and residence.

9. As time is always precious, do you agree that as an elected official, it is your responsibility to learn about the topics to be discussed ahead of time to help expedite discussions and decisions during the meetings?

It is a disservice to the residences of Holly Ridge if an elected official is not informed on topics that require action

10. If your community has paid parking: What issues do you have regarding the current program and would you work to change or alter the existing program in your community?

I believe paid parking is a deterrent for tourism. There are other opportunities to explore that could benefit both the town and visitors.

11. Tell me something about yourself that may be of interest to the community.

I currently work for Pender EMS and Fire as an Advanced EMT and have spent 15 years in the Fire and EMS services.


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