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Lock Your Vehicles

Owning a firearm is a BIG responsibility. You, as a gun owner, are responsible to make sure your gun is secured, which includes not leaving your firearms accessible in your vehicle. Recently a report came out that 64 firearms have been stolen from unlocked vehicles in the Wilmington area this year alone. That is 64 firearms in the hands of criminals.

Bad guys do not legally purchase firearms. Criminals don’t care about rules and laws. They break the law. That is why they are called criminals. We must stop making it easier for criminals to get hold of firearms.

  1. Lock your vehicles and if you have a firearm in the vehicle make sure it is locked as well (in the glove box or in a lock box).

  2. Park in a well-lit area with cameras if possible.

  3. Do not advertise to sell firearms privately and if you do, make sure you do not meet people at your home. Meet people at a gun shop or police department. If someone refuses to meet you there, you have your answer.

  4. If you believe a gun is lost or missing, report it to local police and to ATF. Having a firearm recovered during a crime that has not been reported can be another headache. Contact local shops and pawn shops with the information. Contrary to popular belief, Gun shops are not provided a list of stolen/lost guns by local law enforcement.

  5. When buying a firearm from a private person, ask to meet at a local gun shop. A private sale can now be conducted at a local gun shop and the 4473 Form is filled out and the gun shop can verify if the buyer is eligible to own a firearm. A minimal transfer fee will be a peace of mind since in NC the seller is responsible for verifying the buyer is eligible.

With cooler weather comes the perfect time to head to the range for some practice. Haven’t used your firearm in a while? Make sure you clean and inspect it thoroughly and make sure you are using good ammo. In our salt air environment, both firearms and ammo can become damaged from the salt air. Don’t ever use old or visibly damaged ammunition. Not sure if your firearm is clean and functioning well? Take it to a local gun shop to have it cleaned and tested. Your safety is very important!

Election time is right around the corner. Just because this year’s elections are local, doesn’t mean they won’t affect you directly. More rules and regulations passed locally can affect your daily life. Taxes, schools, paid parking, parks and recreational services, and zoning issues can make a big difference in your life. Pay attention to the candidates. Find out if you are eligible to vote and if so, is there early voting and where are the polling places? Ask questions, be assertive.

Elected officials work FOR THE PEOPLE, not the other way around.

Remember knowledge is power, lock your vehicles, and get out and VOTE!


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