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Topsail Gun Gal: Tik Tok and Thank You

Kyle Rittenhouse, an 18 year old young man from Illinois, may have the benefit of technology on his side in his defense for wounding a man and killing two others during the riots in Wisconsin in August of 2020.

One of the men Kyle Rittenhouse allegedly shot and killed was shown on a bystander video hitting him with a skateboard. Other witnesses testified that the other man shot, Joseph Rosenbaum, had not only threatened to kill Kyle but had also been very aggressive and violent prior to the altercation in which he was seen chasing down Kyle Rittenhouse and lunged for his rifle.

The wounded man, Mr. Grosskreutz, at first stated that he had his hands raised when approaching Kyle Rittenhouse, but a photo during the event contradicts that. The photo shows Mr. Grosskreutz pointing his handgun at Kyle as he lay on the ground. During cross examination, the wounded man who is suing the City of Kenosha for ten million dollars, admitted that he in fact was pointing his handgun and advancing upon Kyle.

The judge overseeing this case has made it very clear to the prosecution that no one is to be recognized as a “victim” but that the defense may identify them as “rioters, looters and arsonists” if there is evidence they were participating. That was a first for me and rather interesting.

Without all the drone footage and bystander videos, Kyle’s case most likely would be viewed in an entirely different way. How amazing is it that technology, might in fact, come to his rescue.

Remington, the oldest existing manufacturer of firearms since 1816, is moving out of New York and heading south to Georgia to relocate their headquarters which will include a factory and research center. The company has dedicated 100 million dollars to this project with hopes of bringing almost 900 jobs to the area outside of Atlanta. Welcome to the south.

Like many people over 50, I’m not always up to date on the latest craze, but to learn that a series of hand gestures learned on a TikTok video may have saved the life of a 16 year old girl who had been kidnapped and unlawfully imprisoned is amazing. The hand gesture was created for victims of domestic violence to be able to seek help. Thank goodness whoever witnessed her doing this was aware!

Maybe we all need to learn a little bit more.

Oh Mother Nature has so much fun with us. Push sand, truck-in sand, push some more sand, pay millions to do so, hope that by some unknown force it will remain and then poof – Mother Nature moves it where she wants. Oh well, nice try. Maybe we should realize sand was never intended to stand still. That’s what rocks are for.

Your homework assignment this week is to say “Thank You” to everyone that makes your life a bit better. A neighbor, a friend, a teacher, a family member and even a stranger. Saying “Thank you” is simple and may have lasting results. Don’t be shy, just try it – and don’t stop.

Remember knowledge is power. Technology is here to stay (at least until a giant solar flare screws it up) and saying “Thank you” is what Thanksgiving is all about.


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