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Jeans Ain’t What They Used To Be... Thank Goodness

When I hear the term "mom jeans," I can’t help but think of the SNL skit with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler prancing around in these “mom jeans” that I can’t imagine any of us would want to be caught dead wearing. I had a moment of panic when I ordered jeans for the store and they arrived and I did not realize that they were the pull on kind, instead of a zip up or button. I thought, oh my gosh what am I going to do with these? These are like mom jeans. Who wants to pull their jeans up? Boy I was wrong.

Let’s go back to where the craze for jeans for women started. I have to say the earliest picture I can find is of Marilyn Monroe wearing some adorable fitted jeans that accentuated her figure nicely. But in my generation growing up, all I remember is Brooke Shields modeling Calvin Klein jeans. She was in every magazine I saw and on every billboard. She was the go-to model for jeans.

However, by the time I got to the age of really caring about fashion, Guess jeans and jeans from The Gap were all anyone was wearing.

Growing up, I attended a small private Catholic school from kindergarten through eighth grade where we wore plaid skirts or plaid jumpers to school every day except for 4 days. The “once a quarter no uniform day“ was coveted. We planned for weeks on what we would wear on that one day that we could truly express ourselves, but still staying “pure” of course.

At 12 years old, my mom would drop my friends and I off at the mall for a few hours, with nothing but a quarter to call home and a little mad money from babysitting (can you imagine that today?) and we would try on jeans for hours between The Gap, 5-7-9, Wet Seal and American Eagle to get the base of our outfit for our no uniform day. I would

wear those jeans that I bought that day on our day of expression with pride. I can’t even remember the shirts I would pick to wear but I remember the jeans.

Now, a few weeks ago when I opened up that mistakenly ordered box of jeans, I thought to myself OK we can do one of two things. Beg for them to take them back and claim a moment of insanity when I ordered, or put them out there and see what happens. We chose the latter. And boy I’m glad we did. Those jeans have been the best jeans myself, my coworkers, and my customers have put on in years. They are comfortable, they slide right on, they have actual pockets in the back (no mom jean pockets). Come by Coral Cottage and slide on a pair of these magical pants. I can almost bet you will leave wearing them as did these three lovely ladies in the photo. Available in sizes Small through 3X at Coral Cottage Boutiques for $44.95


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