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Santa's Got A Brand New Gun

A photo from a Colorado’s sheriff’s office has created quite a stir when a man was shown seated, applying for his Conceal and Carry permit. The problem? The man strongly resembled the “big man” from the North Pole. The caption under the photo was simple, “Guess who came in to receive his Concealed Hand- gun Permit today?” Apparently not everyone has a sense of humor. Come on people lighten up, of course Santa has a conceal carry permit! How else could he deliver all those awesome hunting guns and Henry rifles in the south and the west (just not California).

Thinking about having a bonfire for the holidays? How about you hold off on that idea until we get some darn rain! A statewide burn ban is in force until further notice and no one, I mean no one, wants to see an entire community lost to fire.

A new store has opened in Massachusetts just in time for Christmas. “Let’s Go Brandon” is a shop that offers collectibles including shirts, hats, signs, stickers and more. You know what would be really great? If this store opted to sponsor NASCAR driver Brandon Brown’s race car.

Are you tired of getting friend requests from people you don’t know? Has your social media account been filled with more advertisements than actually fun or important information? Well, just wait, it’s going to get worse, much worse. Debt collectors are now allowed to contact you through social media. What does this mean? Simple, a collection agency can now contact you through social media, and once they do, they can consider that your “validation notice” which means they can start reporting to credit bureaus 14 days later. Are there rules? Absolutely. All contact must be “private” and they must tell you up front who they are (they can’t send a vague friend request). Can you block them? Yes. Is this abuse of social media? Absolutely.

Waiting for a FedEx package? Some people may be waiting a very long time as now two sites have been found in Alabama where hundreds of FedEx labeled packages were found dumped in a wooded area. I wonder what those tracking numbers reported. “Your package is in transit” might no longer cut it.

How strange is it that Hawaii has a blizzard warning and will most likely see more snow than several areas in Canada this year? Hawaii and snow. Doesn’t make sense.

A Maryland homeowner accidentally burned down his million dollar home. The reason? He was trying to get rid of a snake infestation. I completely understand this.

Fun idea for 2022: We need to stop naming hospitals after dead people. How about naming them after someone who can give us some hope like Keith Richards - Thanks Todd Thomas.

Remember knowledge is power, Santa is listening so you better be good, and keep your wits about you on social media – the game has changed.


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