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OMG She Wore White After Labor Day!

Legend has it that The Rule of no white before Easter or after Labor Day began over 100 years ago by “snobby millionaires” and passed along for generations. The idea was that it distinguished those who could afford an end of summer vacation from the ones who couldn’t. It was created to separate the “old money” from the “nouveau riche”. Basically, showing off.

Growing up it was ingrained in me that wearing white was reserved for Easter thru Labor Day. No exceptions. It didn’t matter that we sat thru church on Sundays (Labor Day through Easter Saturday) in tights and velvet dresses... in Florida.

Now for the record, my Mama is neither snobby nor a millionaire (unless there is a surprise once the will is read), but it was something her mama taught her, and my grandma’s mama taught her and so on. All I remember is The Rule and that velvet is itchy in the heat.

There are plenty of fashionistas over the years that have bucked this fashion rule. Coco Chanel stuck it to the 19th century mean girls by making white a staple color for her attire year round. Jackie Kennedy was even photographed several times wearing white year round. And, who doesn’t love Coco & Jackie?

Being that we are fortunate enough to live where we live, close to or at the beach, we are able to get away with things easier. For example, you probably wouldn’t paint your house in an inland suburb a hot pink, sunbeam yellow or periwinkle blue. But, those may be on your color wheel at the beach.. same with clothing.

So go ahead... grab your white pants, white dresses, white sweaters, white tanks, even your 80’s white leather (extra points for fringe!!)... but show off!

Wear the white!


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