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Topsail Gun Gal: Big Brother Comes To The Rescue

Will the Kyle Rittenhouse trial be studied for years in law schools across the country? Absolutely.

This trial, if you were able to watch it or just caught bits and pieces of it, was like nothing I had ever seen before.

The use of video, from private phones and government drones (that’s a whole other article) led to clarity and information that easily could have been swayed by opinion, instead of fact.

Regardless of how you felt about the actions of this young man, when the jury reviewed the information and the facts, they found him not guilty.

My question is why would anyone protest the outcome of this trial? It is not a racially motivated issue – that part is clear, so what is the deal? Haven’t we had enough of the senseless destruction of people’s property to realize that is never the answer to anything?

Modern technology gave Mr. Rittenhouse a fair trial, not emotion, not opinion, certainly not media persuasion. How scary is it when big brother (if you don’t understand this reference please read the book 1984 without delay) actually comes to the rescue?

And on that note, why exactly were government drones filming the area?

Wisconsin made the national news again when on Sunday November 21st a man, possibly fleeing a criminal act, ran over and killed five people and injured over 40 more that were attending a large holiday parade. Caught on live camera, allegedly Darrell Brooks Jr, 39, was seen driving his red vehicle at a high rate of speed through barricades and into the crowds that were both participating in the parade and onlookers. Mr. Brooks has an extensive criminal background, including having two open cases that include felonies of resisting an officer, bail jumping, battery and reckless endangering (2 separate counts) and illegal possession of a firearm. Why was this criminal out on the street? Why was his bail only $1,000?

Will there be a protest to ban vehicles? Will there be a protest since the alleged driver was a black male? Will the media share hateful posts that the alleged driver made on Facebook? Probably not.

So how about we work on keeping violent criminals in jail and out of society regardless of race? Isn’t that what jails are for? Maybe the judicial system needs a good bath.

North Carolina has a new famous guest. “Tiger King'' Joe Exotic has been moved to a federal inmate medical center in North Carolina after his diagnosis of prostate cancer. The man who made famous the mullet haircut while wearing a gun on his hip and playing with big cats, is serving a sentence of 22 years for allegedly attempting to hire people to kill Carole Baskin. If you don’t know who I’m talking about and you find yourself with absolutely nothing to do on a rainy day, watch an episode or two of Tiger King on Netflix. I promise only one or two episodes is all you need. Carole Baskins still remains a “person of interest” in the disappearance of her millionaire husband in 1997. Could he be living in Costa Rica under a new identity? Did she feed him to a big cat? We may never know.

On the flip side, Carole Baskins lost a court battle trying to stop the sequel (which began airing on November 17th) from using footage of her and her husband. Apparently the First Amendment does still matter!

The TV show Yellowstone (if you haven’t seen it then get busy!) has a few very famous daughters in their cast. Many of us have enjoyed the “hard to understand” but very sassy “Teeter” who with her pink hair joined the cowboys working the cattle for the last two seasons. I found it hard to believe that she is Michael Landon’s daughter. For those of you too young to know who Michael Landon is, maybe you need to look him up and watch some of his amazing family TV shows. No hate, no screaming, no vulgarity – but great shows. Of course after writing that he would not have been on Yellowstone (ha ha). Another character, Mia the barrel racer, who has a lot of fans not liking her right now, is the daughter of Josh Brolin and James Brolin’s granddaughter. I guess it helps to have a famous family in Hollywood.

Remember knowledge is power, violent criminals need to be out of society and watching crazy TV shows is fun in the dark cold days of winter.


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