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We Plan and God Laughs

Life can be unpredictable, as most of us know. Still, if we understand and explore the problems and situations that can occur, we can also compare them to actions and solutions available to us.

We constantly interact with the animals we call our own, facing life together through good times and bad, but here is an idea for you to ponder.

Do you have room in your heart and home to help a dog or cat have a place of respite until a forever home becomes available? Think of the joy it would bring to your heart to know you were the reason one or many of these animals would have a new chance at life and not an outcome that would end it. Many counties have successful programs when residents, shelters, rescues, and animal welfare nonprofits work together. Grants, such as our NC Community Foundation Dallas Fred Allen Fund and other private donations from the community, strengthen the efforts by providing spay/neuter assistance and supporting foster homes. OCPAW, (Onslow County Partners for Animal Welfare) PawsAbility program for low-cost spay/neuter, is one such program.

If you were provided assistance with food and primary medical care....would you foster? OCPAW, can also help you with this! The problem always has been that a situation becomes apparent before becoming a crisis, but there needs to be more time to find a placement for the animal, and the Shelter can only do so much with limited housing space and employees. If we come together to make this happen, it would make a positive change for many. So, in my next few articles, I would like to bring you some stories of those folks we share space with in Onslow County that have and are making a difference in the lives of many.

The Journey of a Dog Called Max.

The owners of Max, like others, found themselves in a difficult situation. They were elderly and were not capable of exercising this active young dog, which then resulted in his weight gain and canine diabetes. Remembering if the insulin had been administered and the proper dosage to be given became another problem with their failing memories.

I became acquainted with the situation when a veterinarian that Max had been brought to be euthanized because there was no placement available contacted OCPAW. The owners decided to surrender Max to that veterinarian, so his journey began with a photo and this post.

I am a 6-year-old black Lab weighing 65 pounds, neutered, and fully vaccinated. Please come to meet me and bring me home or foster me because when you look into my sweet brown eyes, you will see all the love my soul has to offer. My name is Max, and I want to go home with you and be your forever boy.

Max stayed with Dr. Dante Martin at Holly Ridge Veterinary Hospital until he was moved to Buddies Country Kennels on Gum Branch Rd in Jacksonville. An excellent boarding facility that gave Max a safe place to stay with great supervision to run and play safely with other furry friends.

Update on Max

Brianna looked into those sweet brown eyes and knew he was her soulmate. Max met his new family, and everyone bonded. Max had plenty of love, exercise, and companionship with two and four legs, plus his diabetes was stabilized. He became inseparable from the other family's cherished dog as they played, ran, and ate together side by side, enjoying a wonderful life. They all had the opportunity to travel for a Christmas holiday to enjoy a family visit filled with wonderful cooking smells, laughter, and new toys to play with; what an adventure! There was so much to do and enjoy....a new beginning for Max because of a family that saw the soul of a dog in his eyes.

If you would like to foster, contact Onslow County Animal Services or local rescues in our area.


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