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To Brace Or Not To Brace, That Is The Question.

In my opinion, this is round 2 of the Federal Court System telling the ATF that they have overstepped their boundaries. First, of course, was the bump-fire stock restriction that was overturned.

Now in a Texas court decision in early November, a Federal Court Judge put a halt to ATF enforcing a rule that would restrict ownership of the “pistol brace” accessory. How many pistol brace accessories are currently in the United States? ATF estimates the number to be around 3 million but a congressional research report claims the number is closer to 10 – 40 million. The pistol brace accessory was designed to allow a person to hold a firearm with one hand and was originally created to assist people who were disabled and benefitted from the added stability of the brace.

ATF had previously approved the device and it was legally on the market in the United States for almost a decade before ATF changed its mind after possibly being pressured by the current administration. ATF reversed its approval and with little notice, announced that all owners of the accessory had four choices or would be considered felons. 1) Register the firearm with ATF as an SBR (short barreled rifle). 2) Destroy the firearm the accessory was attached to. 3) Turn the firearm over to authorities or 4) Remove the accessory, which in most cases made the firearm suddenly compliant. The brace, which is a non moving piece of plastic that does not change the function of any firearm, suddenly became a politically motivated “bad guy”.

Out of the estimated 40,000,000 brace owners, only 250,000 chose to register their accessories. There are no recorded amounts of any citizen turning over their firearms to authorities or destroying them based on the new ATF ruling. Can you say, “Americans are refusing to comply with an unconstitutional compliance?”

As the holidays are upon us it is only fair to suggest gift ideas. My favorite gift for that person who wants to learn about target shooting, who likes to hunt or just wants to go the range to sight in a scope is a gift certificate. A gift certificate from any local gun shop may give the recipient an opportunity to take a class (like beginner safety or a Conceal Carry Class) or to purchase some ammunition.

Firearms, like many other items, are very specific to a person’s level of experience and likes. Just because one person likes to shoot skeet does not mean that is what their friend or family member likes. A good holster, a new locking hardcase or gun safe might be more in order. A gift certificate says, “I really want you to have something that is important to you,”


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