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We All Have A Weakness

You know, everyone has things they’re good at and things they aren’t. If it has to do with cooking, count me out. That is not my forte.

What was supposed to be a quick, uneventful trip to the grocery store didn’t end up that way. I was trying to help Jeff get ready for a big meal he was cooking, and I offered to go to the grocery store for him. That’s usually my wheelhouse when it comes to anything food preparation-wise. I will gladly shop for everything and even gladly do the dishes once done. Just don’t make me cook…for your safety and mine!

I arrived at the store with a list in hand and ready to tackle it. It had a few new items on it that I wasn’t so sure about but how hard could it be really? Well, let me tell you…

Has anyone been after a red onion? Seems pretty simple, doesn’t it? An onion that’s red. I spent 20 minutes in the produce department looking for a red onion. I’m here to tell you that it is in fact NOT red. It’s purple. And not like a purplish red. It’s PURPLE. They don’t call red apples orange! Why would they call a purple onion red?? Jeff must have sensed something was wrong and he called me during this time and asked how it was going. I told him what I was stuck on and after he stopped laughing, he explained what color it really was. I was off to the next item.

Cube steak. Again, seems simple. I reached the meat department and started the search. I didn’t find any. But I substituted. I found meat cut in cubes. That should work.

Lastly, was the Jiffy corn muffin mix for corn soufflé. I grabbed that right off the shelf and hit the checkout lane proudly thinking how I made it through that shopping experience with minimal damage.

I got home and started unloading and Jeff started looking through it all. I wish I would have captured the look on Jeff’s face when he unpacked my finds. It was priceless. The only thing I got right was the “red” onion. The Beef Stew Meat that was cut in cubes did not qualify for cube steak. And the Jiffy corn muffin mix I thought I’d grabbed turned out to be Jiffy Cake Mix. In my defense, the boxes look just alike!

All in all, the meal turned out fantastic, after another trip to the store, with Jeff.


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