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Sheriff of Onslow County Retires And Seeks To Fill Jack Bright's Term As Onslow County Commissioner

Hans Miller has been Sheriff of Onslow County for the last eight years with great success. He would have run for Sheriff again but felt that the county would be in good hands with a member of his department, Chris Thomas. On December 1st, Sheriff Miller turned over the reins and is now ready to begin the next chapter of his long public service career.

On December 2nd, Onslow County Commissioner Jack Bright put in his resignation due to health and family concerns. This came as a shock to Hans Miller who had worked with Commissioner Bright during his eight years as Sheriff and considers him a good friend. Hans Miller took this as a sign to put his name out there for consideration to fill Mr. Bright’s remaining term.

His qualifications? Well, that list is quite long and extensive. After serving 27 years in the Marine Corps, Hans Miller continued into a career in law enforcement that included State and Federal positions, including a US Marshal Deputy. He was one of the original SBI Special Agents selected to the new computer crimes section. Prior to that he investigated homicides, other serious crimes and did C.S.I. work. Hans Miller did extensive work with the Internet Crimes against Children Task Force (protecting children from predators). He has worked for Onslow County for 13 years as both the Chief of Police at Albert Ellis Airport and as Sheriff. In both of his elections, Sheriff Miller had received 70% of the votes cast.

Mr. Miller’s philosophies are simple:

Work together as a team for the people.

Surround yourself with good competent people selected for their experience, education and abilities.

Set goals and find the right people to help accomplish them

Be an independent thinker and always keep the will of the people in mind.

Hans Miller understands that the position of Commissioner is different from being Sheriff but also believes the skills he has acquired in his years of office and experience will be an asset to the community.

When asked why he would want to be commissioner, his answer was simple, “Citizens deserve trustworthy people in government who will represent them, evaluate priorities and vote accordingly.”

The Republican Party Executive Committee will be making the recommendation on who should fill Jack Bright’s vacancy within 30 days to complete his term. Want to contact them? Call (910) 358-2394.


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