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Watch Your Fingers, They Could Cost You!

President Trump wants to buy a firearm with his name on it (wouldn’t you if your name was engraved on it?). While visiting a gun shop in South Carolina, President Trump was shown an engraved firearm that was manufactured during his presidency. Not being a resident, President Trump certainly couldn’t buy the handgun in South Carolina and leave with it, but he could have it shipped to an FFL in his home state of Florida. Except, he is currently under felony indictment, which prohibits the transfer of the firearm, but wasn’t that overturned in 2022 by the Supreme Court's new standards for gun restrictions? Why, yes it was, but now it sits with a federal court of appeals who has to decide if the original restriction was unconstitutional (since a charge is not a conviction and in America, we are considered innocent until proven guilty).

In case you are wondering, several gun versions were offered as “Trump” Engraved firearms including Glock, Auto Ordinance, Anderson Manufacturing, Magnum Research Desert Eagle, and Colt.

Standard Manufacturing has added a new feature to their “Switch Gun”. A small pocket revolver designed for concealed carry, the switch gets its name by the action performed when the user pushes a button and the firearm slides open from a compact position, like a switch knife. The original Switch came with a 5 shot .22 magnum cylinder. The new version comes with interchangeable cylinders in both .22 magnum and .22 long rifle. The biggest difference between the 2 types of ammo is noise and kick. The .22 magnum is a more powerful round and much louder than the .22 long rifle. Priced at under $500 this is a great option for the person who wants to carry without a holster but wants a full-size grip for a small self defense gun.

The NFL fined player Deshaun Watson, Quarterback of the Cleveland Browns, for making a gesture that some might believe resembled shooting a gun. I must admit I had to watch the tape several times before I saw what they were referring to. The gesture took only a second and was of Mr. Watson holding one hand behind the other, at hip height, and raising both hands up and down quickly. I find this to be a bit of an overreach. Now, if you told me that he was fined $13,659 for shoving the referee during the game I would understand, but he wasn’t.

The NC State Budget that was just approved included some interesting things, like the “Parent’s Bill of Rights – Senate Bill 49”.

A parent now has the right to prohibit the creation, sharing or storage of biometric scan of his or her child without written consent.

A parent now has the right to prohibit the creation, sharing or storage of his or her child’s blood or DNA without a parent’s written consent.

A parent now has the right to prohibit the creation by the State of a video or voice recording of his or her child without the parent’s prior written consent. (of course there are a list of exceptions to this rule like Photo ID cards and surveillance cameras).

If I had a child in grade school, I would take a few minutes and read through this Bill and know your rights and your child’s rights. Our students need to get back on track with reading, writing and arithmetic like the rest of the world.

Remember knowledge is power, in America we are considered innocent until proven guilty and a finger gesture should be considered nonsense.

Desert Eagle | Standard "Switch Gun"

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