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Trapped In My Car

Sunday afternoon I was driving home from work and got a call from Jeff. He asked me to pick up some minute rice on the way home and he would cook dinner. He gave me a break from cooking that evening. I guess he was tired of cut up hot dogs and mac and cheese. But anyway, he wanted to cook.

Once I got home, I parked the car, grabbed the box of rice and opened the car door to get out. That’s when I heard it. Rattle Rattle. Rattle Rattle. Oh my there is a snake under my car. Now I am terrified of snakes. There isn’t a good one in my opinion but I try to be understanding enough to realize that some good snakes keep the bad ones away.

I shut the car door quickly, scared to put my foot out to step on the ground. The snake has to be under my car for as close as the rattle sounded. I am sitting in the driver seat panicked. Not sure what to do, I grab my phone and call Jeff. He is inside the house and can come outside and maybe scare it away. He didn’t answer.

So then I crank the car and back up about 6 feet. I get the courage up to once again attempt to get out of the car. I grabbed the box of rice to make a run for it and I hear it again, plain as day. Rattle Rattle. Nope, shut the door again. Called answer...again.

I decided to make a run for it. I grab a hold tightly to that box of rice and start praying to let me out of this car alive. I open the car door...I hear nothing. Good sign. I lean over to get out and I hear it again. This time I bolted from the car and to the deck steps in about 2 seconds flat hearing the rattle the entire time. I was thankful when my feet hit the brick steps.

I looked behind me and saw nothing. Into the house I go and as soon as I walked in I dropped my keys. So I bend down to pick them up and Rattle Rattle.

It was the box of rice! The rice moving around in the box every time I would lean over to get out of the car, or bend down to grab my keys.

Here comes Jeff out of the shower, which is why he wasn’t answering the phone as I am melting down in my car. I looked at him and said, Boy do I have a story for you. I can’t make this stuff up y’all!


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