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Topsail Gun Gal: What's In A 22?

The Governor of New Mexico, Michelle Lujan, (D) has put through an emergency order that bans open carry and Conceal Carry of firearms in her state. Law abiding gun owners are accompanied by Mayors, Sheriffs and Police Chiefs in protesting this order. Law Enforcement officers are concerned about the legal ramifications of enforcing such an order, including lawsuits against violating Constitutional Rights. One law enforcement officer stated that he can do a lot more about fighting crime if he is not stuck in court for years regarding the lawsuits that will come from this. Perhaps she needs to take a trip to the jails and prisons to meet the real criminals.

The State of New York has just tossed another wrench into the mix to impact law abiding gun owners. A new fee of $2.50 will be charged for background checks for people wanting to purchase ammunition and a $9 fee will be charged for background checks of people who want to purchase firearms. Punishing law abiding citizens with additional financial burdens is not very American. Shame on you NY politicians.

As cooler weather is on the horizon (hopefully), it is a great time to practice your skills or get out there and learn. As a beginner or experienced, a firearm chambered in 22 long rifle may be right for you.

When a person comes in to buy a firearm I ask one simple question, “What kind of experience do you have?” If a person has no experience or very little, I encourage a safety class and lessons. If a person asks me what the best firearm is to learn with, I will always suggest a .22lr firearm.

There is no better way to learn focus, grip and responsibility than starting out with a .22lr pistol or revolver. Both options are semi-automatic, which means one bullet fires per pull of a trigger.

Fun Fact: 98% of all firearms are semiautomatic (don’t let the crazy media fool you).

A .22lr revolver is the easiest to learn on by far. Most revolvers carry 5-10 rounds in their cylinder. They are easy to open, load and unload and super easy to clean. A .22lr revolver has several options for ammunition including .22lr quiet (50% less noise), .22 target, .22 self-defense and .22 snake shot. A revolver can use more varieties of .22lr than a pistol can.

A .22lr pistol is a little bit picky when it comes to ammo. Most pistols prefer a 40-grain full metal jacket.

Ammunition, for either the revolver or pistol, is currently readily available and a 50-round box of .22lr starts at $3.89 (very affordable).

The joys of shooting a firearm chambered in 22lr is that there is very little kick and not a lot of noise.

Two of my favorite firearms are the Charter Arms Pathfinder revolver in .22lr and the Walther P22 pistol. These firearms are light weight and easy to use and come in a variety of colors. With pricing from $329 - $449, they also have options that include lasers.

Remember knowledge is power, politicians do not always do what is right for the law abiding, and New York gun owners need to elect people who are less greedy.


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