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Topsail Gun Gal: Tiny Library Saves The Day

When I was a child, which now feels like a century ago, parents didn’t discuss politics in front of their children or with company and you learned about sex in a Sixth Grade assembly (one for boys, one for girls – yes, we just had two genders then). Boys had stashes of Playboy magazines and girls had gossip. It was the good old days and much less stressful.

Today parents are complaining about teachers who verbally insult students for supporting one candidate or another. Politics are talked about everywhere (which violates the unspoken rule about not talking about politics or religion with guests) and kids are asked questions about how they feel about homosexuality in school.

Sorry, but I think we, as a society, need a full on “reset” button. At no time do I want politics or sexual orientation questions becoming a daily part of a student’s education. How about our students learn math skills and not common core which makes no sense at all and only puts us being other countries in learning. How about our students learn about science and how to use a microscope? Another cool world exists on that tiny glass plate. How about our students learn world history, our country’s history and local history? Isn’t that what helped create the country we live in now?

How about we stop promoting feeling “ashamed or guilty” for events none of us were alive for? How about we work toward learning and not being programmed?

How about we require students who graduate to make simple change before they get their diploma? If you can’t make change for a $20 dollar bill and a purchase of $11.84 you don’t get to pass this round. Why? Because that is a part of everyday life, period.

Shop classes that teach auto mechanics and the trades (electrical, heat and air and plumbing) are essential. We don’t need ten million people that are good at surfing the web if none of them can clear a clogged toilet.

We need to encourage kids to take summer jobs working with construction crews and landscapers. They need to learn a hands-on trade that gives them pride in their work. There is a good feeling about getting dirt on your hands and having someone pat you on the back and say, “good job” at the end of the day.

We have lost that – and the consequences are going to be dire as we are already learning.

You want to start living in a better society? We need to stop getting all our information from social media. This past week a whistleblower with lots of documents to back her complaints, sat before congress and gave information about the workings of Facebook and how it controls what you see. Is anyone truly surprised by this? Of course not, but wasn’t it odd that Facebook (as well as two other platforms they own) suddenly went off line for several hours? Coincidence? I think not.

We need to put down the tiny computers that control our day and pick up a good book!

On October 7th, the Jacksonville Board of Realtors donated a “Little Free Library” to the community of Holly Ridge. Placed right outside the community center (on Sound Road) residents can now stop by, grab a book and leave a book. What a fantastic idea and one that needs to spread far and wide.

Remember knowledge is power, simple is always better, and nothing beats a good book on a beautiful fall day.


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