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Topsail Gun Gal: Things To Ponder

If NFL players were dying at the rate that racehorses are, there wouldn’t be an agent on the planet that would let their player get on the field. Makes sense, right?

The extensive wildfires in Canada have taken away most gains made by people regarding air pollution. The orange haze, now seen across over a dozen states, has led to record air pollution readings in major cities. In May alone the Canadian fires put over 50 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

I think it’s time we ban Canada and their fires. Sorry, but you got to go.

The name Dragon Fruit is deceiving. It does not come from a dragon and is very mild for a fruit. Maybe cactus balls would be a better name.

What if humans were a scientific experiment run by a planet of mosquitoes?

Dear paper towel companies, no one believes 8 rolls equals 20 rolls. Stop this nonsense.

Best T-shirt: “Don’t try to California my Tennessee”

If an electric car runs out of juice on the road, does it require a gaspowered generator to get it charged?

If New York thinks it is only fair to wipe clean a criminal’s record after three years does that mean they want them all to stay in NY? If not, I think they should.

If more high school kids don’t decide to go into a trade like Heat and Air, Plumbing or Electrical it is projected there will only be 45% of the current work force (in those fields) in 15 years. Think your kid is too good for a trade? On average, within a few years they can earn $50,000.00 a year without any student loans (that means no college debt to work off). The shortage is real and getting worse. An app can’t fix your leaky toilet and wire in your addition.

Remember knowledge is power, Canadian fires need to be banned and a good plumber might cost more than a surgeon if we don’t do something now.


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