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Topsail Gun Gal August 2023

A judge in Connecticut wants the National Association of Gun Rights group, which is suing the State over the 2013 firearm ban, to prove that people have a real need for semi-automatic rifles. My advice? Show the judge footage from Ukraine when the citizens were forced to defend themselves. No other proof needed. These were citizens, not previously living in a war zone, just going about their lives and BAM – a threat appeared that has changed their entire world.

Think that can’t happen in the United States? Ever seen the movie Red Dawn? If not, watch it sometime. (first one was better in my opinion).

Colorado has some new gun laws taking effect in August. No longer can a person under the age of 21 purchase a firearm (unless they are in a state approved hunting group). There will now be a 3 day wait on purchases (there goes gun shows) and family members of victims can now sue firearm manufacturers.

If it is encouraged and legal to sue cellular phone manufacturers and providers for all the vehicle deaths caused by texting and driving and “distracted driving” I don’t see a problem. People should not be held accountable for their actions, right? An inanimate object forced them to do something terrible all by itself, right?

When did we allow such dumbing down of our society?

Election time is right around the corner again.

This year’s local elections are front and center. The board of elections will tell you that municipal only elections tend to have about 12-18% of voters coming out. That is scary since in most cases, a local elected official has more to do with your daily life than any other official. Tax rates for your property, school funding, First Responders and Law Enforcement – these are just a few of the items that come down to local offices. These are three important categories.

How about you take a few minutes out of your day and read up on the candidates for your municipality. What do you know about the incumbents who are running again? If there are new candidates, look them up and find out what they can offer your community. Have you ever attended a local meeting? Maybe this is a great time to start! You can learn so much by even attending just one public meeting. Worried about getting to the meetings during work hours? Most meetings are available on the town’s website to watch at your leisure.

Don’t wait until election day to find out if you are registered to vote or where you vote. These are things you can find online at your County Board of Elections.

Did you know the largest turn out of any election in this area was the 2020 Presidential Election when 50% of registered voters turned out to vote? Crazy, right?

Remember knowledge is power and don’t just sit around and complain, use your vote and make it count!


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