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Topsail Gun Gal

Humans are bad for the planet.

In 5 years the great salt lake will be gone. Why? Human consumption. One of the very serious issues regarding the winds that will be blowing across the dried up lake is the amount of arsenic in the soil. Oh goody. Almost 3 million people will be inhaling it. What could go wrong?

Scientists are working on cloning the extinct Wooley Mammoth. Good idea? No. Could you imagine a herd of Wooley Mammoths walking around your neighborhood? It would be a nightmare for every HOA on the planet... on the other hand maybe that’s not such a bad idea.

An investigation is underway after several pigeons were found dead or sick near a restaurant and Pier in Wrightsville Beach. A container of bird poison mixed with seeds was placed by a pest control company at the request of the business owner. A state investigation is underway since the poison Avitrol is toxic to animals and humans. Remember kids, don’t eat the pigeons.

Did you know that in 2019 a 656-foot long cargo ship tipped over off the coast of Georgia? The contents of the giant ship were 4,000 Hyundais and Kia vehicles on their way to Baltimore, Maryland. Not to mention thousands of gallons of oil on board as well. Due to Covid restrictions and other delays, it took a year for salvagers to begin to slice the giant ship into 8 pieces. I’m sure that was good for the environment. The reason the ship tipped over? Human error. The ship was improperly loaded. After extensive research it was determined that if the crew had simply re-arranged the vehicles or added 1,500 gallons of water in the ship’s ballast tanks the event could have been avoided. Plus, someone accidently left a door open which sped up the process. Oops. 4 people were arrested in New Hanover County for possessing over 1,300 grams of Methamphetamines and almost 1,000 pills marked M30 that contained fentanyl. How does killing your buyers make sense?

Palestine Ohio area residents are complaining of trouble breathing, skin irritations and sick feeling stomachs even though local officials told them it was safe to return to their homes. I’m not sure I would trust those “officials”. Other residents are reporting illnesses in their pets and outdoor animals. People in neighboring states are reporting ash falling on their vehicles. Even though the EPA finds spilled toxins in one of the areas rivers, it deems the water safe. Hmmmmm. Residents are told to deep clean their homes and to monitor and report any medical issues. Some residents who have returned to their homes claimed to develop skin issues within minutes. Almost 4,000 dead fish of different species have been found. Train cars that derailed and did not explode were purposely lit on fire to prevent future explosions. Particles of the chemicals were found in the air. Almost 3 weeks from the date of the train derailment the State opens a health clinic for residents with symptoms.

Former President Donald Trump visited the area a day before Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

President Biden has no plans to visit the site of the disaster or to visit members of the community.

Remember knowledge is power and people and their actions can clearly be toxic to our great big blue marble.


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