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Topsail Gun Gal 2023

Epic Games, Inc. which was responsible for the worldwide success of the Fortnite video game, was given a $520 million dollar fine for forgetting that children under 13 are not adults. Apparently selling the data learned about children is a no-no. $245 million of that fine is supposed to be refunded to users who were wrongly charged. Good luck with that.

But don’t worry, Epic Games is worth a little over 32 Billion dollars so the fine is just a drop in the bucket. Next time your child wants to design a video game don’t be so quick to laugh.

With winter at our doorstep there is nothing more normal than a DOT pile of salt for the roads, but the DOT in Tennessee got a surprise when they found an intact human heart in one of their piles. I think this might be how the next Mummy movie starts.

Toddlers find themselves in the weirdest predicaments. Thanks to a neighbor with a handful of rocks, a 2-year-old boy was spit back out of the mouth of an adult hippo in Uganda after the animal wandered into the boys yard where he played. The good news is that the boy has fully recovered after getting a rabies vaccine. Who knew hippos got rabies?

Carrying a firearm is a big responsibility. Where a person carries a firearm is personal preference. A man in Charleston recently learned that his decision was a bad one. Mr. Gardner, a 35-year-old male, was making a u-turn in his vehicle when his firearm accidentally discharged, shooting him in the groin. Unfortunately, he died before emergency services arrived.

When 2023 rolls around there will be new sections and questions on the Federal Firearm Form that don’t really make sense. The Form, used by all federal firearm dealers in the United States when selling a firearm, will now include such questions as “Do you live in the city limits?”. Now why exactly is that important? If you take an area like Holly Ridge where people in two counties and three towns use the same zip code, knowing if someone lives in the “city limits” may be confusing.

People who are 18, 19 and 20 years old will now have a ten day wait period when purchasing a long gun for hunting or target shooting. The same age group that the military sends to war.

If a person builds their own firearm there will be a new category called “PMF” (privately made firearm).

Some of the new questions also include ammunition, not just firearms. Currently ammunition is only restricted in certain states that require “ammo cards”. Why this is being added to a federal form should be a concern to law abiding citizens.

Wake up citizens. Our rights are being stripped away right in front of our eyes. Time to start making calls and sending emails to your senators and congress members to remind them that “freedom” from an overbearing government is the basis for our country.

Happy New Year!


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