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Past Christmas

By Dee Dee Paliotti LLoyd

I lean my head back and close my eyes,

Memories of past Christmases are so close by.

There’s the Christmas when I got my first bike,

There was never a present I didn’t like.

Mom and Dad sitting in his recliner chair

Watching us kids with the Santa gifts they put there.

Then the Christmas I found out the hard way,

What! No Santa! What did you say?

Now, even older, this time with my own kids

Trying to do with them the things I did.

There were times we chopped down our Christmas tree

Handmade ornaments and hung so carefully.

Wrapped the gifts until the paper was gone,

Used the tubes as swords to get our “Bruce Lee” on.

Falling on the floor, holding our guts,

It would always happen, no if, ands, or buts.

Now my kids have kids of their own,

It’s hard to believe how fast they have grown.

Making their own memories with each passing year,

For these are the ones that they will hold dear.

So now it’s Christmas again as I put up my tree,

All the past memories are coming back to me.

I close my eyes like I haven’t a care,

Only to see Mom sitting with Dad on his recliner chair.


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