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The Journey of Lucy Girl and Donna Plowman

Lucy was first noticed by Jean Cole, who went with her husband to an older man's farm who asked for help with his dog. Like so many others, life changes circumstances, however well intended, which can lead to situations that require our attention to ask for help. They called her Girl, and this is her story.

All I know is that now my name is Girl. I don't know of any other name because no one called for me to come to them or run and play. Not sure why I lived in seclusion for three years as I was a gift from a son to his father with a great promise of happy times hunting together........but those times never came. Sadness and desperation settled deep into my bones as I sat in mud and dirt day after day. No toys, no bones to chew but worse of all was no one to be with. In those three years, I quickly outgrew my dog house, but somehow I managed to squeeze inside on those cold or rainy nights. I'm not sure why they tightly boarded up my kennel where I only had this small area to see out into the world, a world beyond my touch.

When Jean saw me, my owner asked if she knew where the pound was because that was where I was going. Jean asked if I could go with her to her home, which I did. You can see the picture of my old enclosure and me with Jean on my first ride to her house.

I didn't know how to run, as I was never given a chance. I wasn't sure what the grass was under my feet, so I just stood awhile, trying to figure everything out. OCPAW provided all the funds to get care by Dr. Martin at Holly Ridge Veterinary Clinic, and Jean provided all the love to bring out the sweet nature, loving Girl that I am. I blossomed under Jean & James loving care at their farm, as you can see in this photo that was posted out for my adoption. My name then evolved into Lucy Girl because of the redness of my coat which reminded Jean of Lucille Ball in the TV show I Love Lucy.

Donna Plowman knew that Lucy Girl belonged with her and reached out to Jean to adopt her when she saw her photo. Donna is a skilled, successful fundraiser who, for many years, organized the Cause for the Paws in Onslow County, engaging the help of our Biker Community to raise thousands of dollars to help animals in need and initiate OCPAW's PawsAbility program of low-cost spay/neuter vouchers.

As time passed, Donna’s mother came to live with her and every day she shared with her beloved Redbone Coonhound, Lucy Girl. Together they watched God’s magical creation as the warm breeze embraced them and the lapping of the water and call of the birds provided the song of life that most of us miss because of the busyness of our lives.

Celia "Winnie" Creekmore, passed into the arms of her loving Lord and Savior on Monday, October 12th, 2020. Her daughter, Donna Plowman, requested in lieu of flowers donations may be made to OCPAW to support efforts to assist companion animals in need, such as Lucy. Winnie and Lucy were constant companions who shared the love and devotion of the Plowman family and all the visitors that came to express their love on this journey we all take while visiting this earth. Godspeed Ms. Winnie....till then!

As we pass through this world, we all encounter difficulties along the way. Reaching out to others with kindness to share this life's journey helps us all.


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