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The Dead Cow Mystery

Six cows, five adult and one yearling, were mutilated with surgical precision along a highway in Texas recently. One of the dead cows, a six-year-old female, was found on her side, her hide had been cleanly removed from around her mouth but the flesh beneath remained untouched. The tongue was removed with straight cut precision that left no trace of blood. The land around the cow was not disturbed, there was no clear cause of death. No gun shot wound, no sign of poison, no sign of attack (by man or predator). All six of the cows had their tongues removed the exact same way. Two of the adult cows had reproductive organs removed as well.

No tire tracks, no sign of struggle or distress. Just dead cows. Several area ranchers also noted that even though the body of the cows were left to decompose for weeks, no predators or scavengers had touched the carcasses.

Recently on the History Channel TV show “Skinwalker Ranch” it was reported that a cow was found in the same condition, and it was also noted that no scavenger had touched the body on the Utah ranch.

In 2022, Alaska officials reported mutilations that included animals being completely drained of blood.

In 2019 a similar mutilation took place in Oregon when a rancher lost five of his young, healthy bulls to the same demise.

In the 1970’s, government reports range from hundreds to thousands of cattle being killed and mutilated in the same way covering multiple states. In Colorado a buffalo, horse and goat were found the same way.

The common denominator seems to be the removal of the tongues, draining of blood and lack of evidence explaining how the cows were killed and why such odd parts were removed.

People seeking answers have suggested possible alien or cult activity. Will the truth ever be known?


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