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The 4th Of July…. America's Birthday!

President of OCPAW (Onslow County Partners for Animal Welfare)

The fireworks on the 4th of July are a tradition started by John Adams, one of the founding fathers. He thought the skies over our country should be bursting with illuminations to show national pride and patriotism, celebrating our independence from Great Britain. This historical date marks the beginning of the American Revolution and the struggle for freedom and democracy. A genuine reason to celebrate!

Why Pets End Up Lost During The Holiday

Many celebrations can be stressful for companion animals as they are often sensitive to loud noises and bright lights like fireworks. Having visiting family and friends can often lead to your pets getting out of their safe environment by doors and gates not correctly closed. I can speak from experience, as many of my small animals get behind me in step with my gait going out the door, and I was never aware they had gotten out of the house.

It is such a heartache when your pet goes missing. It could never return to you for various reasons, such as a good intentioned person rescuing a dog who appears to be lost, or they go running too deeply into the woods, or fall into waterways if vision impaired or just in a panic run. After July 4th, the postings go out from folks looking for their missing animals; please don't be one of them.

Protect Your Animals During The Holiday

· Resist the urge to take your pet to fireworks displays. They may panic and run away. Instead, keep them indoors in a quiet, safe room or crate.

· Do not leave your pet in the car. Even for a few short minutes.

· Make sure your pet is wearing tags or updated information on their microchip. You would not believe the number of folks who adopt an animal and never change the chip information.

· Keep Dangerous substances out of reach. Alcohol, caffeine, chocolates, or food like chicken and ribs that contain bones, and make sure that trash cans are secured.

· Plan ahead if you are traveling and bring all their necessities: food, water, medication, and a familiar toy or blanket.

· Ask your veterinarian about sedatives if your pet may benefit from medication that can calm them down and reduce their anxiety.

Keeping Them Safe

By following these tips, you can ensure your companion animals stay safe and comfortable during the Fourth of July celebrations. Investing in the safety and well-being of your pets is essential and helps ensure that they remain healthy and happy, even during stressful holiday periods.

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