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That's Gonna Leave A Mark

I am almost three months into my fitness journey at Hotworx and I'm absolutely loving it. I never liked working out but this time it's different. I look forward to going to each workout, I've tried things I never thought I would and I'm learning the gym equipment and how to use them. The foolproof virtual workout videos are easy to follow mentally while it rigorously works your body. As serious as I am about it, there have been many humorous parts too!

On Wednesday my friend Erica and I decided to try a new class, Hot Bands. It's a 35 minute class in the 125 degree sauna consisting of using resistance bands and stretching. Seems pretty simple, right? Well, let me tell you, it's not.

We were on the fourth stretching exercise, about 15 minutes into the class, and they have you stand on your resistance bands and lift the handles all the way up over your head. As soon as I got my elbows locked into place with hands above my head stretching that band as far as I could stretch it, Erica commented on how she doesn't know how these bands don't roll and snap back.

It was like that comment went from her mouth to God's ears. About that time I tried to slightly adjust my grip at the same time I leaned forward to just get that little extra stretch when "POP".

That band slid out from under my feet and smacked me so hard on the rear end that I literally yelped and leapt about 10 inches in the air simultaneously. It was like slow motion. I felt the bands slipping from the back of my heels and I thought "for craps sake, here we go". I did keep perfect form in my leap and landed on my feet. But I yelled so loudly I swear I heard someone drop their kettle bells.

I look over at Erica in shock she hadn't skipped a beat in the workout during this and was standing tall with taut bands in place. I thought surely she will feel bad that that just happened and ask if I'm ok. She looked over at me and calmly said "See. I told you. That's gonna leave a mark."

That's when I started laughing so hard I couldn't catch my breath. Once we got out of the sauna and we're leaving the gym, Brittany asked how we liked the class. We both just smiled and said it was great. Brittany then said, "Did you snap your band? We heard a squeal!"

"That was me!" And yes, it left a mark!


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