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Thank God He Loves Me

Truth be told, I wonder a couple of times a week how often Jeff looks at me and thinks to himself, “She ain’t right. She is crazy.” This last week I think he may have made this statement to himself on several occasions.

He had a rough morning on Monday and I thought I would try to cheer him up. He went to get coffee from a local fast food drive thru and the sweet lady at the window asked if he was going to get his "senior coffee". Well he handled that better than I would've. But he enjoyed his $0.63 coffee and will for the next 7 years before he is a true senior citizen, God willing. But I decided to fix him dinner in the crockpot that evening. I put all the ingredients in and even joked as I went out the door to work that "dinner was done" and was p

That is until he called me at noon and put me on FaceTime asked me if anything was wrong with this picture. I didn't see a thing wrong. Nope. Didn't notice at all that I never plugged in the crockpot.

The next day we went to the fish house to get some dinner for that evening and we were discussing new items on the menu at the restaurant. As we were at the fish house I noticed mussels. And that's when it dawned on me. We should serve mussels over pasta and call it Popeye Pasta, because it has "mussels"! I excitedly shared my idea with Jeff who got that blank stare that he gets and that's when I know he is thinking how crazy I am! He quickly shot it down.

Lastly we went looking at boats. He wants a Carolina Skiff and I want a pontoon boat. He asked why I wanted one so badly over a skiff. I told him that I had an idea. His eyes rolled but he decided to entertain my idea. I went on to say that we could set up the pontoon and sell hot dogs and chips and drinks on the water during season. I even had a name picked out. At this point I could see him nervously laugh not knowing what he was about to hear, but asked what it was.

I Dream of Weenies! I turned back around to the boat to show him where we can put the equipment and was so excited to do this. That's when I realized he had turned around, walked out and was on his way to get a senior coffee shaking his head the whole time at me.


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