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Teresa Batts, The Newly Appointed Surf City Mayor

In a decision that seemed to catch some people off guard, Mayor Doug Medlin announced his resignation as Surf City mayor at the December 6th town meeting. Basing his decision on family and health concerns, Mayor Medlin turned over the reins to current Councilwoman, Teresa Batts.

As a lifelong resident of Surf City, Ms. Batts is no stranger to politics and hard work. Ms. Batts was first elected in 2017 to the Surf City Council after being appointed to the position when then Councilman Doug Medlin was appointed to fill the position of the mayor after the departure of Zander Guy.

You have been a member of the Surf City community all your life and very active politically. Now that you are mayor, what are some of your goals to achieve?

"My goals are to continue to promote progress with beach nourishment and to encourage infrastructure improvements throughout the town. I also support enhancements in Emergency management Communication and would like to see implementation of proposed plans for multiuse paths throughout town.”

In addition to being mayor, do you hold any positions with any other government organizations, like beach renourishment?

“I have been an Executive Member of the Cape Fear Council of Governments and a member of the Surf City Shoreline and Resiliency Committee. I have been a Board Member of the Topsail Island Shoreline Protection Committee and the Eastern Carolina Council of Governments.”

As a realtor, you see things differently than most politicians. Are you concerned about the excessive growth of the Topsail Area?

“I am in full support of growth in our area. However, I will encourage the Town Planning Department, along with Town Council, to use discernment on how development takes place and to consider the long-term impacts.”

Since paid parking has become a part of the Surf City beach environment, would you consider shortening the length of time that paid parking is enforced to encourage more people to visit the beach?

“While I understand the concerns regarding paid parking, I also have to consider the purpose and benefits. I will always work with the board towards solutions that we believe are best for the town.”

When you were growing up, did you ever imagine that you would be mayor of Surf City or was this always a goal?

“Growing up in and around Surf City, I have watched the area grow and change. I have been a part of the community my entire life in different capacities. Being an involved citizen and doing my part has always been my goal. With the natural progression of my political career, becoming the mayor of the town I live and work in made perfect sense."

If you would like to learn more about Mayor Batts, you can email her at or attend the next Surf City town meeting on the first Tuesday of the month. The meetings are held at the Surf City Municipal Complex, 214 W. Florence Way (beside Publix).


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