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I Was Dreaming Of A White Christmas

Well, we've had quite the cold weather lately. It was somewhat nice to have seasonal Christmas weather for Christmas. But I was happy when the temps started going back into at least the 50's. I will confess that when snow flurries were a possibility, I did get a little excited. There's just something about a snow-covered Christmas.

Now y'all North Carolinians may not be used to snow but y'all haven't seen how us Floridians handle it. To sum up...we don't! We panic and buy up all the milk and bread and create havoc in the grocery stores worse than y'all do. When I was 11 years old we had a "dusting of snow" Christmas in Tallahassee. I'll never forget it. We had tickets to the Nutcracker ballet that night and my dad drove my grandmother, my mama and myself to the auditorium on FSU campus and dropped us off at the door. We were wearing our Christmas best. I had on a red velvet dress with white tights and my Sam & Libby flats...with my fluorescent blue ski jacket over it. Very fashionable. You could see me from the space station. My parents bought us these God awful bright ski jackets so they could find us when we went tumbling down the mountain. But that's a story for another day. When we came out of the ballet, it was snowing. Now I'd been skiing and ice skating before but never been in a situation to see real snow actually falling. I loved it. But Tallahassee didn't. It took us an hour to get home. Ice all over the roads, people sliding into others and off roads. See we don't have salt trucks down there. The only trucks we had down there for any type of emergency was when the state bird overpopulated and ate us up in the summer. The mosquito spraying truck was our equivalent to salt trucks.

The good news is the snow didn't even last on the ground but for maybe an hour or so. But it's one I'll never forget!

Hope y'all made great family memories with the ones you love this year over the holidays. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Coral Cottage, Fancy Flamingo and Southern Roots Grille!


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