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Stage Fright Happens To Everyone

We are going to start hosting live videos and live sales via Facebook at Coral Cottage. The idea of broadcasting a live sale on social media terrifies me. I am not good on camera. I get nervous. When I get nervous I get short of breath. Then I sound like I’m gasping for air. Another fun thing I realize I do when I am nervous is say “and” and “um” often! I actually counted how often this happened one time and it was 34 times in one video!

The last thing I want to do is sound like the people on these TV shows where they go and look at homes to purchase. Jeff and I laugh so hard watching these shows. We have a penny jar and each time we hear them say certain things we throw a penny in the jar. Hoping to be able to fly to France and back by the end of the year with the way it’s going!

Seriously, watch Beachfront Bargain Hunt or Buying Alaska or any show like that. I promise you will hear these phrases said over and over...and over. “Wow”, “Sounds good”, “Let’s do it” and my personal favorite “We have a lot to think about”. Now you won’t be able to ignore it when you watch these shows next time and will probably curse my name by the end of it.

My plan for the live videos is to have a little liquid courage beforehand. Not a lot, just a little. Enough to take the edge off as they say. Then we can rock and roll with it. I am certainly excited to show you all of the new fashions and gifts we are bringing into the store this Spring.

So when we get ready to say ACTION on our videos, I promise to try not to repeat the same phrase over and over. I promise to try not to be nervous. But I can pretty much guarantee one thing... it will be entertaining. I am sure lots of laughs will happen and bloopers galore. But hey, “Let’s Do It” and hopefully I will leave you for one reason or another saying “Wow”!


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