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Small Businesses

The word “recession” is missing in most media platforms, but most small businesses are feeling it firsthand and in a bad way. Two local businesses in Sneads Ferry, Salty Sistas Restaurant and Bakery and The Crooked Lotus have reached out on social media asking for help. The community has heard the call and Salty Sista’s restaurant thanked the community for the 168 orders before 5:30 pm that came in. The problem is that this may be a short-term answer to a much larger problem.

Several area businesses are stating that their sales are down 30-70% from last year alone. With more people now living in our local areas why are the numbers so low?

Area businesses have struggled through hurricanes, Covid restrictions and lack of help for the last few years. Many are closing their doors or altering their schedules to give their overworked staff a break.

Surf City BBQ owners Rebecca and Guy Royal are closing for the entire month of December, something they have never had to do before, just to give their staff much needed time to rest. Their last day open will be the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and they plan to reopen in January.

How can you help? Easy. Shop local. Every time you drive by a business you need to understand they depend on people walking through the door to stay open.

Rebecca and Guy Royal of Surf City BBQ (left)

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