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Please Tell Me I Am Not Alone

Each night after dinner, we settle in to watch a little TV before going to bed. You’d think it would be relaxing and easy, but it’s not. I call it...the stand off.

The simple fact of the matter is, we like to watch totally different things. So we begin the obligatory words, “what would you like to watch?” “oh whatever is fine”. Now let me tell you what just happened there. First, I ask what he wants to watch hoping he’ll say exactly what I want to watch. Second, he answers with a lie because he doesn’t want to watch what I want to watch.

Then we pull up the menu and start scrolling. I start praying we will bypass Homestead Rescue and Alaskan Bush People or God forbid Alaska:The Last Frontier. I hope he suddenly says he wants to watch a show of true culture...the Real Housewives reunion of wherever or Sister Wives or 90 Day Fiance. You know, something wholesome.

Thanksgiving night we had great TV time. We watched Planes, Trains & Automobiles and then National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Even though we know how each movie ends and could quote most of it, it’s still a fun tradition to watch them. Then the Willy Wonka movie came on, that is where I draw the line! NO NO NO! So we ended up watching reruns of Young Sheldon, or as Jeff calls it, Little Shelton. I cannot make this up y’all.

But most times we settle on Wheel of Fortune. The only problem with this is how competitive we both are and if we get the puzzle first we shout it out and cheer for our self in victory. Usually that is me, but he gets a puzzle from time to time. BL_ _S H_S H_ _ RT.


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