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Out With The Old, In With The New

A new year brings new beginnings and fresh starts. Many people start resolutions, new diets, good habits. I like to clean out my closet this time of year.

The hardest part about that is deciding what stays and what goes. What's even harder is trying to decide those things with the weather we've been having. Mother Nature is all over the place lately. Lows of 19, highs of 74. My head spins just trying to keep up with her mood swings. I think this week alone I will have worn all 4 seasons of clothing.

I love starting my clean out with my shoes. I just keep them all. So that's easy. Moving right along to my ball gown selection. I used to wear these quite a bit in Tallahassee to different functions. Here, not so much. I mean I'd be a little overdressed going to the nicest places around here in those gowns. Although we did go to an event one year put on by the Chamber of Commerce in cocktail attire. Once that was over we somehow ended up at a local bar where mud wrestling was happening. Again, a little overdressed. And a night we won't soon forget.

Then my t-shirts. Now I love a good tshirt. They're a great way to show your support for a local business. My problem is I wear them on the food truck and they get grease stains and everything else on them. Before I know the pile of food truck tees way outweighs the pile of nonfood truck tees. I've thrown out some of my favorite shirts just to lessen that load. And to throw them out instead of passing them along to someone...feels so wrong!

So if you're struggling with getting rid of some of your old t-shirts just remember this. Nobody wants your old hand me down New Kids On The Block tshirt circa 1994 with the cheese fries stain on it. Throw them out!


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