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Oh, Christmas Tree

We all remember them... the ceramic Christmas trees that at least one family member had. These nostalgic, retro trees have been quite the rage this year.

My grandmother had one that was proudly displayed in the picture window of her home so everyone who drove past could see it. I remember as a kid looking for it when we would pull into their driveway during the Christmas season. It was positioned on the end table to the right of the big Christmas tree. And I would lay among the wrapped gifts under the big, real Christmas tree, in my hand was the white cord with the little rectangular box that held the switch, and I would roll that switch over and over. I’d love seeing the lights from the ceramic tree dance in reflection to the silver tinsel on the real tree. It was the early 80’s...tinsel was cool!

Think of the popular sign making workshops you attend nowadays, in the 70’s it was all about ceramics. People would go to a ceramics shop and look for different ceramic molds to paint. As this hobby became more and more popular the mold companies expanded their forms into holiday decor thus came the Christmas tree.

This was a popular hobby thru the early 90’s actually. Then as it died off, so did the ceramic shops and mold companies. Many of the original ceramic molds were lost or destroyed making this beloved tree scarce for several years.

As we know, retro circles back every 30 years or so which is what has happened here. This retro, vintage tree is all the rage this year. I see the replicas of these trees in white and green, fancy bulbs and simple bulbs, tall ones and short ones. There are so many now to chose from. But one thing is for sure... what I wouldn’t give to be under that tree at grandma’s house again for one more Christmas, mesmerized by those beautiful tree’s lights.

At Coral Cottage we have two different versions of the nostalgic trees for $61.95 This one shown is our most popular one. Stop by and take a trip down Memory Lane this Christmas season.


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