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Mischief And Murder In The Ferry

For those of you that may not be aware, our neighbors at the corner of Old Folkstone and Chadwick Acres Road, who have been so kind to share their animals with the community, lost 4 of their sweet goats after an attack from dogs.

I want to direct the words of this article to the owner of the dogs, possibly a German Shepherd and a Pit Bull mix, who have caused pain, heartache, and tears to a young family by the murder of their family goats.

Allowing your dogs to run together unattended or opening the latch to the goat pen yourself, you know what your animals did.

It was with evil forethought to remove the sim card from the camera to hide the deed of suffering and mayhem that they inflicted on these harmless, cherished animals, who brought so much joy to this family and the Sneads Ferry community.

I would pass them several times daily on the road by your small farm and enjoy seeing them in their safe, tranquil, happy spot.

The outcry has been overwhelming with unbelief about why someone would do this, and. I pray that those who committed this atrocity will be found and charged.

North Carolina animal cruelty statutes

"The anti-cruelty law provides that if any person shall maliciously kill, or cause or procure to be killed, any animal by intentional deprivation of necessary sustenance, that person shall be guilty of a Class H felony. If any person shall maliciously torture, mutilate, maim, cruelly beat, disfigure, poison, or kill, or cause or procure to be tortured, mutilated, maimed, cruelly beaten, disfigured, poisoned, or killed any animal, every such offender shall for every such offense be guilty of a Class H felony."

Here are some shared community posts:

"Birch is one of the two goats who survived the dog's attack on February 23. Four goats did not survive the attack, as previous posts have mentioned, including the popular Jake, Marshmallow, and Ruby. So many of you asked for updated photos, so we thought you would like to meet Birch! In addition, the family wants to extend their appreciation for the community’s outpouring of care and concern. A workday on a Saturday provided substantial rebuilding of reinforced fencing and additional security. Food Lion donated drinks for the volunteers working and Lorelei’s donated lunch. While we are all saddened at this event, the monetary donations, supplies, and neighbors donating their time have been incredible. Thank you for being good neighbors!" "Once again, I am proud to call this my home and of this community and how you all rally around people in need. Let’s turn 2023 into the year this entire community turns tragedy into positivity."
"Missing our neighborhood goats. This is Ruby, a sweet girl. In the past year, we have all been blessed to share with our neighbors a group of goats. They were delighted to have visitors who would chat and feed them goat-friendly snacks. I am not sure if the goats were more excited or I was when I drove in to drop off healthy treats. So my heart is saddened because I went for my visit Thursday, and nobody greeted me. I worried about them until yesterday when I heard about the vicious attack that murdered them. Now my heart is saddened for these beautiful innocent creatures. I am more saddened for the family that opened their farm and pets up to us so we could bring our grandchildren and children to meet Ruby, Marshmallow, Jake, and the babies. So if you are like me, treasuring all God’s creatures, then please pray for this family and the goats who may still recover. And despite my anger, I will pray for the evil that did this act. I know you will receive justice for your actions. Many people have met the goats and their owners and have asked what they can do to help. Gift cards to Tractor Supply, Amazon, and Lowe’s are most helpful, along with straw, pine shavings, cedar, alfalfa hay, or clover."

"Meet Cedar, our newest goat. They will be back in their pasture Saturday morning. Come out for pets, feed veggies, and take some pictures!"

Cedar | Ruby | Jake & Marshmallow (top)

Birch (bottom)

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