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Memory Masters

By Mary H.

Please help us congratulate five elementary students from Classical Conversations of Hampstead, NC, who recently earned the title of “Memory Master”: Rebekah Elliot, Mia Harker, Joseph Ziemann, Aaron Ziemann, and Klaus Johnson. Memory Master is an honor awarded within the Classical Conversations homeschool program to students who fully memorize and can masterfully recite (without hints, clues, aids, visuals, or mistakes):

  • 161 events and people from a timeline beginning with creation through current day, in chronological order;

  • 24 weeks of detailed history sentences spanning from creation to modern America; world pre-reformation to modern times;

  • Over 120 political locations and geographic features throughout history on a black and white, unlabeled world map;

  • 24 Science facts (this year including ecology, astronomy, and physics;

  • 24 weeks of detailed English grammar facts (this year including pronouns, adverbs, and conjunctions);

  • Latin verb endings and conjugations;

  • Math facts (including multiplication tables up to 15x15; squares, cubes, unit conversions, basic geometry formulas and algebraic laws);

  • and the 46 United States Presidents in chronological order.

That’s over 400 detailed pieces of information recited four different times to four different adults across a 4-week period.

Classical Conversations is a worldwide program that supports and equips both homeschooling parents and their children by cultivating the love of learning using three keys: Classical education, Christian worldview, and Community fellowship.

Visit or reach out to for more information.

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