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Letter To The Editor

My daughter is a 2nd grader at Surf City Elementary. This year, we started the school year excited and encouraged because she was assigned a classroom with a teacher who previous students and families were beyond happy with. As the first couple of weeks passed, we noticed a change in my daughters attitude about going to school and when we started to investigate, we quickly learned why.

As it turns out, there are several students in my daughter’s class who lack the necessary skills to participate in an integrated classroom setting. What I mean by that is there are several kids who disrupt class, hit others (including the teacher), spit on kids, talk over the teacher, yell/scream, and the kids in class who do not have this issue are paying the price. My daughter comes home from school daily upset about what she witnessed at school. She states that the teacher cannot teach due to the chaos in class, she cannot complete her work or ask questions because she “can’t think” and the teacher doesn’t check on me when I raise my hand because the other kids are being bad.”

More to this story...the highly regarded teacher that started the year in this classroom decided to quit, or as I’ve heard from various people on the inside that are familiar with the matter, she was forced to resign for some unknown reason. Word on the street is that the administrators didn’t like the fact that she had gotten visibly upset in front of the class. Idk if that is 100% factual, but either way, this teacher is no longer employed by PCS because of the daily struggle inside this classroom that she was left to deal with ALONE and with NO SUPPORT from school administration.

My wife and I, along with several other parents of kids in this classroom, have tried and tried to talk to this Principal, the various BOE members, and even the Superintendent, but all we get in return is a bunch of jargon and BS!! NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE TO CORRECT THIS. There is now a long-term sub in the classroom and limited instruction is happening! It has turned into a daily babysitting routine for this teacher in my opinion.

I am SICK AND TIRED of sending my 7- year-old daughter to school every morning in LITERAL TEARS because she says her “class is crazy.”

This is a little, innocent girl who LOVED SCHOOL every other day before this year started.

Yesterday was the final straw. My daughter came home from school and informed us that one of the “problem children” punched another student IN 2ND GRADE, and “fought them on the ground”. So that’s what we’re doing in 2nd grade now. No learning is taking place. My daughter who is trying to learn math and improve her reading is left unassisted and ignored because certain children who cannot behave must be included in this classroom, so everyone is equal...AND I’M ABSOLUTELY DONE!

My daughter is home today, and I refuse to send her back to the classroom until our worthless SCE ADMINISTRATION AND OUR BOARD OF EDUCATION COME UP WITH A PLAN OF ACTION AND IMPLEMENT A RESOLUTION SO THESE KIDS CAN LEARN IN SCHOOL!!!!

I hate to write this post here, but those charged with educating our children (administration and board of education) ignore us, refuse to hold a normal conversation without spewing some political jargon, refuse to act and are FAILING MY CHILD AND HER CLASSMATES! DO SOMETHING!


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