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I’ve Hit THAT Age

I've always heard of aging gracefully. And hope that I do. I've read on several friends posts how they've hurt their selves accidentally while doing random things. I think to myself...that would never happen to me. Who does things like that? Well let me tell you...I do! Last week I got in my car and put on my seatbelt. You know how when you do that and you lean forward a little bitty bit and it catches you as if it's saving you from hitting the windshield when in all actuality it's choking you and you feel claustrophobic? That's what happened to me. And then, as I'm stuck like that, I sneezed. And my back went out.

3 days later and I'm still walking bent over. I feel like the only thing that will help me is to go into a traction machine. From a sneeze!! My back is still in major pain with the slightest move. I find myself at the chiropractor almost every day for a week. And it's slightly better. From a flipping sneeze!!

I'm now realizing I'm at that age where I think twice before I do certain things. I used to go sailing off our porch, completely jumping over the 3 steps down to the ground and landing on two feet. Nope...don't do that anymore. I actually attempted a cartwheel not long ago and that did not go well. I landed relatively easy but I almost gave myself two black eyes in the process.

Things just aren't the same as they were! So I wish you, my friends, a whole night sleep without having to pee, a fun night out with some fun drinks and a quick recovery and sneezes that are uneventful!


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