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Holly Ridge Area Welcomes Beachy Keen

Hi, my name is Patricia and I’m the owner of Beachy Keen cleaning company, located in beautiful Topsail Island. I’ve been in business since May 1992 and I look forward the opportunity to build a strong and successful business to help this area grow. As a woman owned business, it is encouraging to receive such support from other entrepreneurs in the area and I look forward to working with you and for you soon.

What does your business offer that is unique to the area?

My business offers time to people who would much rather do other things and clean their home, such as spend look forward to more time with their family, or go to the beach instead of worrying about clean spending hours and cleaning home, and also creating value.

Is this a family business and if so, what other members of your family work with you?

This is a business I created that my daughter looks up to as an example of what she could be if she puts her mind to it and develops something that she has passionate about. Occasionally, she works for me, but for the most part, she needs me to help her pay her bills.

Does your business use products that are considered "green" or environmentally friendly?

My business uses products that are commercially sold in a grocery store. I prefer to use the products that have minimal or zero harsh chemicals. What I have learned it’s the amount of elbow grease you put in and not as much chemicals.

Is this your only business? If not, would you like to share your other occupations?

Currently, this is my only business I always have had an entrepreneurial mindset, I’ve been in social media acting and other things. I love being in business. It is my goal in the next five years to have a successful podcast and write a book on success.

Is your business family friendly? Pet friendly?

My business is very family and pet friendly I love cleaning after everyone who’s enjoyed their stays or homes since I clean residential and commercial.

Does your business offer discounts for military, teachers, realtors, senior citizens?

Although our business fluctuates, I try to give the best deals to that I can comfortably allocate extra time and effort to.

Does your business offer a reward program?

Not at this time however, that would be something I would consider.

Does your business participate in any town functions?

Being centrally located in Holly Ridge I have the ability to travel within the radius and I enjoy participating anyway I can most importantly I love to volunteer.

What form of payments do you take? Cash, check, credit, etc. and is there a cash discount?

For the cost of everything going up, I try to be as economical in my payment methods as possible. I’ve also been working on bartering time and services for things.

Is your business open year round?

Beachy Keen Cleaning company is open year round. Evenings and last minute jobs.

Is your business an "on call" (like a plumber/electrician) for emergencies?

Yes, we are available last minute for any potential cleaning emergencies. No job is too small and no amount of dirt bothers us.

Are you looking for long term customers, short term customers or online customers?

It is my goal to connect with customers who are seeking value, thoroughness and quality of work so either it be long-term or short-term I’m happy to help.

Does your business close for an extended time period during the year? (like closed winter months)

We are open 365 days a year.

Do you offer home services, like catering, photography, weddings?

Cleaning and all the things related to home advising and supplying.

Do you work in connection with any other area businesses?

Yes, and I am proud to say that I am a new member of the topsail Island Chamber of Commerce.

What are the goals for your business? Do you want to expand? Build your own place?

The goal of my business is to work hard and build upon my foundation of hard work trustworthiness, and the ability to assist in any situation that requires the skills and abilities I have in cleaning and home management.

Is your business mobile, like a dog wash, tanning or hair salon service? If so, what areas do you work in?

I work in all areas of the island and beyond.

Are you currently looking to hire employees? If so, please supply details.

I am always looking to hire hard-working and dependable staff who work hard for wonderful pay who like to work in a wonderful way.

Is your business a member of any organization, like the Chamber of Commerce?


Do you offer consultations or estimates? Is there a cost for them?

Yes. Free estimates.

What are your hours?


What is your location?

Holly Ridge

Is your business handicapped accessible?


Do you offer delivery services?


Does your business do fundraisers for local schools/organizations?

More than anything I love to volunteer. I’m really excited to hear about sure the table and all the good things that they do for the community. I like to participate in the community and connect with those who would like to be connected as well.

Beachy Keen Cleaning Company


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