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Greetings Card Challenge

I love receiving a gift just as much as the next person, but to me, the card is the best part.

Greeting cards, for whatever reason, are so meaningful. I have 2 boxes of items from my childhood that I go through from time to time. Each time I go through them I get rid of one or two more items in the boxes. Old report cards, old concert ticket stubs, My most prized possessions that have, and always will, make the cut are letters from when my dad was in Iraq with the Seabees, the letter my mama wrote me when I graduated high school and greeting cards from numerous occasions throughout my life. I love looking back and reading over the cards.

To read the funny cards or sweet cards and even the sympathy cards...they all bring back memories. Seeing the birthday cards my grandparents sent me over the years with their handwriting is priceless to me. Reading over cards from my 1st Communion from my great-grandmother and remembering that day. Each and every card still means so much to.

Sending cards seems to be a thing of the past in a way. Not entirely but it's not like it used to be. So I challenge you to send a greeting card a month to someone, anyone for any occasion or just to say hello. It'll mean a lot to them


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