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Great White Shark Returns To Hampstead

HAMPSTEAD -- Shark Week may be over on the Discovery Channel, but a Great White is headed to Hampstead! After a complete refurbishment, the 26 x 10 feet grey monster is headed back to DDT Outlet at 21740 Highway 17, where it previously greeted shoppers with its giant jaws open for 20 years until late 2021. After the shark got pretty beat up by the elements, owner Tom Miller turned to Hubert Graham of Bolton, NC who operates the highly visible Grahamland Attractions on US Highway 74.

Graham, who was featured in the June 2023 issue of Our State Magazine says he gave the big fish a new set of blood- red gums, pearly white teeth, and brand-new dorsal fins to make it anatomically correct. “It was just a mess when I got it,” says Graham – who meticulously restored the fiberglass creature.

“It looks better than new, “ exclaimed Miller who previously got plenty of attention for “the Shark” (no other name) as it greeted shoppers for two decades. Which And that’s not all. Miller has ordered two more giant sharks from Graham which are to be delivered this fall – ensuring that a whole school of fish will soon great shoppers along with Bigfoot, who is already in place out front at DDT.


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