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Front Page: Topsail Area Community Mourns the Loss of Two Men in Holly Ridge Plane Crash

On the 21st of October, late in the afternoon on a warm sunny day, four friends boarded a small private plane at the Holly Ridge airport off Sound Road. Within the first minute of take-off trouble was detected and the plane failed, crashing in the tall pines that surrounded the airport. By the time the emergency personnel arrived, the pilot, William Roberts and one of his guests, Willie “Jamie” Hobbs Jr, were gone. The two young passengers were injured and taken to area hospitals.

The plane, a 1980 Mooney M20J, was owned by the pilot. During the investigation it was reported that all parts of the plane have been accounted for and were being tested to see if a cause can be determined. The full investigation could take over a year.

Bound by the universal language of music, both Will Roberts and Jamie Hobbs were local celebrates in their own right and will be missed by all. Will Roberts was a self-proclaimed musician, amateur radio operator, former engineer, and airplane pilot. Jamie Hobbs Jr. was a father of three, a musician, an auctioneer, and an avid boater who enjoyed the outdoors whether hiking, camping or just riding.

Both men leave behind a legacy and fans who will always keep them in their hearts.

When a life is lived to the fullest, when no day is wasted with excuses, when the sun sets and the soul is happy, there is a feeling of a life well lived.


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