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Fashions Come And Go But The Jean Jacket Is Eternal

How many jean jackets do you have? I’ve asked this question to almost 25 people in the last week and the average is FIVE! I first thought that that was a lot of jean jackets. Then I got to thinking…I have my white one, my dark denim, my light denim, my frayed edged one, my mint green one and my black one. SIX! I have six! So who am I to judge?

My first jean jacket was given to me by Santa Claus. I asked Santa for a jean jacket so I could put all of my New Kids On The Block buttons all over it the way all the girls in Teen Beat did to theirs. Totally chic! But I remember the first jean jacket I fell in love with. It was my daddy’s he would wear when riding horses. It's wool lining smelled of hay and horses. I still have that jacket in my closet and it still has that stable aroma.

The jean jacket has been around for nearly 150 years thanks to Levi Strauss. It emerged almost 10 years after he invented Levi jeans back in the 1870’s. The jean jacket has evolved since then and really took off with the youth of the 60’s, seen almost as a sign of defiance of their parents white collar professional wear. Characters Tom Hanson, Marty McFly and John Bender (my 80’s people will recognize these guys) made the jean jacket a closet staple when they donned them in iconic 80’s movies and TV shows. Now Brittany and Justin might have set the denim craze as a whole back a little circa 2001 at the American Music Awards. Google that photo for a laugh!

Nowadays the jean jacket is worn every which way. In the photo, Joy is wearing her jean jacket over a cute leopard sleeveless dress allowing her to enjoy that dress through the Fall season. Coral Cottage Boutiques has several jean jackets for you to choose from and we carry them throughout the year. Stop in and add to your jean jacket collection!


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