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Front Page: Spring Is Here And So Is Fire Season

This year spring is coming early. The ground hog was wrong. Reports from up and down the east coast have trees budding up to 32 days earlier than ever before. With an early spring comes the desire to get outdoors and clean up your yard. Even though that is perfectly normal, the risks of burning at this time of year can be dangerous if simple rules are not followed.

  1. Contact your local fire department to make sure there is not a burning ban.

  2. Check weather and drought conditions. Just because a little rain fell the day before does not mean a fire won’t get out of control.

  3. Make sure your fire is contained and water is on site and available.

  4. Have a shovel and fire extinguisher.

  5. Never burn during windy conditions! Hot embers travel and fires can start quick.

  6. Don’t park vehicles or equipment on dry brittle grass.

  7. Contact your local municipality or fire department to see if a burn permit is required.

  8. Be courteous of your neighbors. Billowing smoke can irritate eyes and lungs.

  9. When you are done burning, douse your burned area/fire until the area feels cold. Remember smoldering embers can start back up if not properly extinguished.

  10. Call 911 immediately if your fire gets out of control. Do not try to battle it alone.

Credit to N.C. Forest Service


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