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Fashion Statements: HotWorx

Well, I started a new fitness journey. HOTWORX opened up in Surf City in February. When I first heard about this I was amazed and intrigued. The fact that you can work out in a room with no more than 3 people and that the class was virtual was a huge seller for me. And it is a 15 minute workout or you can select a 35-40 minute workout as well. I’ve been doing the 15 minute workout. Now the catch is, you’re working out in a sauna. So it is a high intensity interval training class in 125+ degrees.

Now before you say “No way, Jose” hear me out. We can do anything for 15 minutes... anything. At least that is what I had to tell myself. To be honest, I rationalized it like this. If I can get on the food truck for several hours in 100 degree heat in June, July and August with all fryers and flat top going making it about 110+ degrees, I can do this for 15 minutes.

I was so excited and nervous on my first day. My friend Erica braved the first class with me and has become a workout buddy. I had some new leggings to wear, and a comfy top and brand spanking new shoes to work out in. We walked in ready to go! We opted for the 15 minute Hot Blast class which is like an elliptical machine. It’s a bike but your arms are moving the entire time to propel it. The class starts and I’m huffing and puffing quite soon after. By the time it’s over, I am getting off the machine feeling like I did when I was at the fair and was getting off a ride. Jelly legs for sure! But, I did it! I survived. I lived. I nearly crawled out of the sauna, grabbed a wet wipe and went back in to wipe down the equipment. I was pretty proud of myself at this point. My eyes got a little blurry with tears of pride for completing something like this. Either that or I was about to pass out. Regardless, it was a feeling of accomplishment.

I walked out of the gym on a high note. That’s when I looked down and saw it. These brand new shoes I was so excited to put on, strutting myself through the gym like I knew what I was doing... I’d left the tags on. That’ll knock you down a peg or two on the cool factor. Oh well... what’s done is done. I’d Minnie Pearled my way through that workout and it was what it was. But... at least I showed up!


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