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Fashion Statements: Friendships

I feel like I was the last person in America to watch this, but I finally caved and binge watched Firefly Lane. It happened about a month ago. I was homesick for a week and was bored, bored, bored. I had watched all that I was interested in during this downtime on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. I realized I needed to watch something different when I was starting to recite Murder, She Wrote on my second go-around.

So I’d heard all the talk about Firefly Lane and I decided I better see what it’s about so I can keep up with everyone. Well, it did not disappoint. I’ll be honest, it took a couple of episodes and it took a lot of concentration with all the back and forth scenes shot throughout their life, but I was hooked! I watched the entire series in 72 hours

In the end, if you’ve watched this series, you know how it turned out. I didn’t expect that outcome. But, as surprising as the outcome was, it made me think of how much women need their friends.

I’ve been so blessed with great friends over the years. Childhood friends to adult friends. When I first moved to Hampstead from Tallahassee, I left behind a great group of friends, most of whom I still keep in contact with. It’s that group of people that you know will pick up the phone when you call, will be there for you day or night and will pick right back up where you left off if it’s been a while since we caught up. Then, there is the group of friends I’ve made here. And these girls would do the same as my friends in Florida. They have always been there for me and I hope they can say the same for me.

Then it made me laugh thinking of all the fun times we’ve had over the years. The R-rated movies we snuck into when clearly we were PG-13’ers. The beach day trips when we were supposed to be at St George Island but we accidentally ended up on the Atlantic coast. The roundabouts and Friday nights at Paradise. The beach weekend trips in my 20’s when we laid out all day long and survived on cold beverages and Cheez-its. The time we hit the bar in St George Island and Hank Williams, Jr strolls in and hangs out. The night(s) the SGI police took us home after we begged them to give us a ride in the patrol car, then they soon regretted it once we asked them to take us to Waffle House and to please turn up the radio. The concerts we’ve been to, the food truck adventures, the staying up and laughing at anything and everything so hard your muscles hurt for days later.

So here’s to you… the tribe that has made me who I am. You’ve each been the Tully or Kate to me one way or another. I love you all!


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