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Fashion Statements

Mother’s Day will be here soon. My puppy dogs, Bailey Bleu and Daisy Redryder always get me something for Mother’s Day. I think Jeff helps them shop. But their gifts to me are much different from what I would give my mom for Mother’s Day growing up. When I go home my mama and I usually stay up late talking and drinking wine. We cover it all family, childhood, work, etc. Many times we get to reminiscing about things. That’s when we break out the photo albums or old report cards of mine, scrapbooks and yearbooks too. For years she kept a “bracelet” I’d made her out of construction paper from probably first grade, until it finally disintegrated.

I am fortunate to celebrate my birthday with my mama, June 14th. And to this day, she calls me every birthday morning and throughout the day singing The Beatles song They Say It’s Your Birthday. It is very annoying. But I know that one day I will miss those calls. Therefore, each year they are graciously tolerated My Mama majored in English and she also loves history. She has been sure to instill the love of history in me while also correcting my grammar over the years, a fun trait that I have inherited. Just ask my friends who love when I correct them!

My Mama also did so many fun things with me. She took us to the beach as often as possible during the summers, drove me all over Tallahassee so I could get a glimpse of New Kids On The Block when they came to town and were doing a sound check, broke me out of work one day to go down to the airport because she’d heard Jimmy Buffett was flying his plane into town and doing an impromptu concert at the airplane hangar, always includes my friends in everything we do, hoots and hollers at midnight on the porch with me when college football goes our Seminoles way, made me B shaped pancakes for my birthdays and always let me know that I was loved!

Hope this is a fabulous Mother’s Day this year Mama. Gone are the days of making you an ashtray like I did in kindergarten and you acting happy and honored to receive it even though you’ve never smoked a day in your life. I promise this year to step it up at bit from then! Love you Mama


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