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Coastal Common Sense

Patriotic Americans are watching Joe Biden dismantle all the positive accomplishments that made America great again during the Trump years in office. Conventional wisdom would say that Biden's senile incompetence is guiding his lack of leadership on all fronts.

But his policy directives that are destroying our country are an intentional attempt to implement what Barack Obama called for in order to "fundamentally transform America". We are seeing the negative consequences of that globalist political ideology unfold before our very eyes.

This is no accident, even though Biden's cabinet gives all the appearances of a rudderless ship. Mayorkas at Homeland InSecurity insists publicly that our southern border is secure, while in reality he is doing everything in his power to fulfill his job description allowing hundreds of thousands of unvetted immigrants to cross that border. His slight of hand is eagerly embraced by a complicit liberal media even though Democrat mayors around the country are now protesting the sanctuary city model that got them elected.

Austin at the Department of Defense seems more intent on implementing an equity agenda into our military than actually accomplishing military preparedness in a world increasingly hostile to American foreign interests. Unfortunately, Navy sailors having pride parades will not keep the Chinese from invading Taiwan.

Yellen at Treasury insists that Bidenomics has the economy cooking and that Americans are better off now than in the past decade, despite Everyman's confirmation to the contrary. Earnings are down and inflation is up making it harder than ever for middle America to get ahead of the grocery bill. Incomes for women, blacks and hispanics have fallen way below records set under Trump policies, yet the liberal propaganda HQ at the New York Times and Washington Post would have you believe otherwise. Nothing to see here, move along.

The cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline and the resulting staggering job losses was just one example of how the Department of Energy has crippled our economy by prioritizing and then subsidizing climate change while trying to eliminate our dependence on efficient fossil fuels. Windmills and solar panels are great until the wind doesn't blow and the sun doesn't shine like in most of the country most of the time.

Then there's the Department of InJustice that has done everything in its considerable power to weaponize its vast resources in a concerted effort to affect purely partisan prosecutions against political opponents while letting their team get away with all kinds of bad stuff. This is the tyrannical third world dictator control that they predicted Trump would commit, but never did.

News flash: Trump didn't politicize his cabinet against his opponents and he didn't take us to the brink of World War III like the current administration has done. For my money, I'd rather have a barking pit bull in the White House who puts America first instead of a cream puff that falls upstairs putting America last.


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