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Coastal Common Sense

Joe Biden's world is a mess. Just like Obama said years ago, anything Biden touches in his 50 years in office he screws up. And his tenure in the current office is no exception. The false promise he made to unify America has resulted in nothing but chaos at home and abroad.

The demise started with the unplanned scramble to exit Afghanistan that caused the eventual forfeiture of the highly strategic Bagram Airbase and billions of dollars in military weapons to the Islamists, and the awful tragic deaths of 13 American soldiers. The world watched live on TV the incompetence of the feckless OBiden administration as freedom fighters literally clung to their only airborne escape. Sadly, they were to be discarded by the OBiden generals as human trash on the runway.

The metaphor did not fall short on the rest of the international bad guys. Putin, Xi and the Iranian mullahs quickly concluded that Washington would not support its allies and that Secretary of State Blinken's vacant threats to stand down held no real consequences. He has repeatedly blinked when the red lines have been drawn in the sand.

So the playground bullies seized the moment of weakness to invade Ukraine, Israel and now likely have their military targets set on Taiwan. OBiden's ineffective foreign appeasement policy has done nothing to deter the bad behavior by the bad guys. It has instead sent the signal around the globe that there are no negative consequences for aggression and it's open season on American interests.

The OBiden policy of Talk Tough With No Stick (as opposed to Teddy Roosevelt's Walk Softly and Carry A Big Stick) is wreaking havoc at home, too. Our once secure southern border has become a wide open super highway for malcontents from around the world who have received the Mayorkas Message loud and clear that there will be no punishment for illegal entry into those battered border states.

Despite the repeated false claims from the Department of Homeland Security that the border is secure, thousands of illegal aliens pour across that frontier and into cities around the country every day. It's just a matter of time before the barbarians cross the Rubicon en masse and storm the helpless border guards in an unchecked invasion into Texas, Arizona and New Mexico knowing no punishment awaits them.

These intruders seek economic freedom and prosperity which is the hallmark of American capitalism, but Biden has even screwed that up. He has taken a roaring bonfire of an economy and doused it with water. When all he had to do was sit back and let the animal spirits rip, he unwisely reversed course and inserted his central planning Keynesian policies into the Coronaphobia pandemic recovery and subsequently cause soaring inflation, meteoric consumer price increases, rising interest rates and doubt among Wall Street investors and Main Street business owners. Like the amateur golfer that makes an easy hole hard, Bidenomics turned a robust economy into a sputtering dud. And we are all paying the price for his ineptitude.

The list of Biden's missteps goes beyond the space in this column: the cult of climate change hysteria, identity politics dividing the country, soaring government debt, greater deep state control, drag queens in the Navy, the weaponized FBI arresting parents and pastors, the unconstitutional partisan prosecution of political opponents, rampant smash and grab crime in blue cities and more.

Obama was right: everything Biden touches he screws up. Let's hope we can vote our way out of this morass and back to greatness in the free and fair coming elections.

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