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Coastal Common Sense

The complicit liberal media is full of daily cover-ups maintaining that there is no evidence that the Biden crime family ran an international pay to play influence peddling racket out of the White House. The mountain of evidence to the contrary gathered by the House of Representatives is summarily ignored by the mainstream media as they continue to serve as the propaganda wing of the Democrat National Committee (DNC) and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Where are Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward types when you need hard hitting investigative journalists more than ever? They relentlessly and impartially pursued President Nixon's participation in the Watergate affair to the point where their journalistic exposure resulted in an historic presidential resignation.

The fact that we no longer have an impartial media makes it virtually impossible for we the people to ascertain the truth in any given situation. And without accurate information, it becomes even more difficult for voters to separate fact from fiction

Half of the American population is getting their information exclusively from overtly liberal progressive sources like the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN and MSNBC. They only receive the left's emotional slant du jour and are never given all sides of the story. They then deny that facts to the contrary even exist. See the Hunter Biden laptop story.

What's worse, the flow of accurate information is restricted by the government press secretaries who only disburse the party line that promotes their political narrative. This was one of Saul Alinsky's favorite Rules For Radicals used by Marxists to control and manipulate the masses. If you can spoon feed the herd selective opinions, the lie you tell them once is still a lie, but the lie you tell them a hundred times becomes the truth.

James Madison and Thomas Jefferson cherished the First Amendment freedom of speech that guaranteed free and open debate from all viewpoints in the public square. Freedom of the press in that same Amendment hoped that objective journalists would act as government watch dogs and expose the truth resulting from that public debate. The Founding Fathers would roll over in their graves if they were to witness the way information is controlled today by political parties in order to simply retain power.

Journalists can no longer be relied on to inform the public. They are now political activists who are more concerned with vilifying their political opponents, and thereby hoping uninformed citizens don't question their slanted propaganda. The nepotism between government officials and media executives is a frightening display of just how easy it is for those two powerful entities to control information and extend political power.

Even if some rogue impartial investigative journalists did expose the Biden crime family, it would be swept under the carpet by the partisan Attorney General and the other palace guards who get their marching orders and give their loyalty directly to the dictator in the White House

So, we have to wait for the ballot box to change the power players in order to discover the truth. Unfortunately, the adversarial impeachment process has now supplanted the media responsibility in exposing the objective facts of the current administration.

You MUST always VOTE early because your vote in a free and fair election is the only thing that prevents us from becoming a one-party majorityrules dictatorship. Benjamin Franklin wisely said, "We have given you a republic, if you can keep it!" He did not mean a banana republic.


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