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Coastal Common Sense

The Department of Justice (DOJ) and its pitbulls in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are acting like the Orwellian military police protecting the Biden crime family. Not only have they authorized and blessed the unconstitutional take down of their main political opponent, but they have provided political cover for the family boss by enacting a two tier justice system that protects anybody named Biden. This third world banana republic crime syndicate protection racket has to stop!

This is not justice. This is hired guns asserting purely partisan political prosecutions against a prominent opponent and anyone else who objects to their political ideology, while protecting the existing power elite from potential impeachable crimes like international influence peddling, bribery, extortion and ultimately treason. If the DOJ does not like Trump, or parents in school board meetings, to succeed, then they will send in their brownshirts to shut them down.

Meanwhile, the complicit liberal media acts as the propaganda wing of the Democrat National Committee (DNC) providing journalistic cover for the rampant corruption at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. There is no longer any factual reporting by the corporate media including such prominent outlets as the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN or MSNBC. The search for truth is a thing of the past.

"Journalists" today see their role as influencers of feelings , not reporters of facts. They aspire to participate in the wealth, status and power that they used to expose and condemn. Now, all they want is to be on the Washington, D.C. insider cocktail party A list. It's all political theatre masquerading as the fourth rung of our democracy; intended only to retain their power at the expense of we the people. James Madisn would be ashamed.

The Republican U.S. House of Representatives has started long overdue investigations into the pervasive corruption in the Democrat Executive Branch. Yet at every opportunity to expose the truth, the Reps' efforts are thwarted by the Vito Corlione boys in the DOJ indicting, or otherwise harassing, Congress' star witnesses against Biden with legally flimsy indictments intended to intimidate those truth tellers and secure the silence of the patriotic whistleblowers.

It all seems so hopeless as long as the DOJ is controlled by obedient guards at the palace gate. But there is a way to end the politicization and weaponization of the federal law enforcement agencies.

These agencies are not authorized by the U.S. Constitution. Therefore, the solution is to have the U.S. Congress pass legislation removing the DOJ, FBI, and CIA from the Executive Branch and relocate those rogue bureaucracies to the Legislative Branch where they will be overseen by a representative body. Once under the auspices and direction of the U.S. Congress, law enforcement would then be responsible to elected representatives of we the people and not beholden to any political dictator in the White House.

This could be readily accomplished without amending the Constitution simply by an act of Congress. Add Term Limits for Congress to the mix and we would regain James Madison's confidence and resolve most of our political controversies.


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